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Data protection information for the joycard app

Here you will find all important information on how personal data is collected, processed or used in connection with the joycard app. The protection of personal data (referred to as "data" for short in the future) is of great concern to us.

Data protection contact

Please direct any questions or comments regarding this data protection declaration or data protection at joycard in general, as well as requests for information, by e-mail to info@joycard.de.

Responsible party / service provider

The responsible party within the meaning of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and service provider within the meaning of the German Telemedia Act (TMG) is joycard Deutschland GmbH, see our imprint.

Which data do we use for which purposes?

In connection with the installation and use of the joycard app, we collect, process and use various data, which we explain in more detail here.

One of the most important functions of the app is that

we learn through your installation and use of the app which joycard partners you are interested in and which information and offers of the joycard partner companies are therefore relevant to you, so that
we can provide you with the information and offers of the joycard partner companies that are most relevant to you on this basis and other data accrued in connection with joycard - directly in the app, but also by mail and in the other channels through which joycard communicates with you (e.g., by email newsletter, if you have ordered these separately).
through the use of your digital joycard via QR scan or pin entry by the joycard partner companies, we learn which joycard partner company you used on which day and at what time.
we store the usage of joycard partner companies with special functions such as the collection of credit, monthly redemption of the car wash, use of substitute mobility such as public transport or substitute cars, pick-up and delivery service. The joycard partner companies with separate functions have access to evaluations of the usage of their own branches. You can only use joycard partner companies with the above-mentioned separate functions if this joycard partner company also uses the joycard as its own branded customer loyalty card and you have also been generally given access to the joycard via this joycard partner company.

3a. Technical communication data

We collect and use the data that your smartphone automatically transmits to us and that is required for communication with your smartphone. These are in particular

the device name
the operating system and app version
the mobile network provider
various identification numbers in order to be able to clearly assign the device to you
the time of occurrence of app malfunctions for troubleshooting purposes, and
the IP address assigned to you.

This data is used to enable you to use the app and the app services you have used, to the extent necessary for billing purposes between joycard and the joycard partner companies, and for statistical purposes and to improve our app. Insofar as this data must be stored (for example, for troubleshooting purposes), this is done on your smartphone and/or on our premises.

In addition, we may use the information about your operating system and your mobile network provider together with the other data described below to also select personally relevant information and offers from joycard and the joycard partner companies for you (e.g. information about apps that are only available for certain operating systems or your mobile network provider's offer for a special smartphone tariff).

3b. Location data

Through the app, we can determine whether you are near the branch of a participating joycard partner, at your home, or even at another location. Location data that may allow conclusions to be drawn about special types of personal data (i.e., information about racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sex life) will not be stored or used by joycard under any circumstances - insofar as this would be possible at all.

For this to work, your current location is required on an ongoing basis. This is determined by your smartphone and the joycard app using GPS data, identifiers of WLAN networks in the vicinity or the mobile phone cell. At least one of these technologies must be active and the joycard app must be granted access to it so that the joycard app can determine your location. You can tell whether or not a location is currently being determined by our app by the location icon of your operating system in the status bar of your smartphone. Regardless of the app, most devices also show whether GPS or WLAN is active; however, this depends on the device and operating system; we have no influence on this.

We use this location data to show you branches of joycard partner companies in the vicinity of your location within Google Map. You can see this function when you click on "GPS" in the main menu at the top of the app. joycard Deutschland GmbH does not store your location data. This function is only intended to give you, the user, the opportunity to find out about joycard partner companies in the vicinity of your location while you are on the move.

This app uses the Google Maps product from Google Inc. By using this website, you consent to the collection, processing and use of automatically collected data by Google Inc, its representatives and third parties.
The terms of use of Google Maps can be found under "Terms of use of Google Maps".

3c. Tracking information

We also use tools to collect so-called "tracking information", which can be used to record your use of the app.

This involves the following information:

Which pages and content of the joycard App you have visited and viewed, when, how often and in which order,
what content and products you are looking for,
which entries you make within the joycard app (e.g. ratings),
which device functions of your smartphone are available and activated,
how high the connection speed to the Internet is,
which change the motion sensors of your smartphone perceive,
which other apps you have installed,
which messages, links or offers are displayed to you, and
What notifications, links or offers you click on.

Together with the other data mentioned in this privacy policy, this helps us to understand which content is particularly attractive to you, which of the products displayed interest you most, and which offers may be suitable for you in the future. We therefore also use this tracking information together with the other data described in this privacy policy to select the information and offers from joycard and from joycard partner companies that are relevant to you. The selection of when and how the information and offers from joycard and joycard partner companies are presented to you also depends on this tracking information and the other data described in this privacy policy. Furthermore, we also use the tracking information, if necessary, for billing purposes between joycard and the joycard partner companies as well as for statistical purposes.

3d. joycard data

The functions of the app relate to your personal joycard membership. To use the app, you must therefore log in with your login data or register for the joycard program for the first time. Most functions are only available to you if joycard is allowed to use the accruing data for advertising purposes.
Only after you have logged in and submitted the aforementioned declaration of consent will most of the app's functions be available to you.

In the app, we collect or use - in addition to the data already mentioned above - the following additional data in order to be able to provide the respective desired functions of the app:

Your login data to perform the login.
Your basic data (such as name, address, etc.) that you provided when registering for the joycard program or later, including the joycard card number. To minimize data transmission, we store some of the basic data in the app on your device.
Data that you enter yourself in the app, when changing your personal data, we transfer to all our systems.
Your consents, if any, given to us to receive email newsletters.

In addition, we use this joycard data together with the other data described in this Privacy Policy and

your joycard discount data (goods/services, price, discount amount, location and time of transaction) and
the data collected during your communication with joycard via the joycard customer center, the joycard.de website or when using the joycard services SMS/MMS or e-mail or the joycard partner terminals,

in order to select the information and offers from joycard and joycard partner companies that are relevant to you. This information and offers can be displayed to you directly on site in the app and/or afterwards and/or through the push services described below, but also via one of joycard's other communication channels (e.g. via push notification, email newsletter if you have ordered these separately). The choice of when and in what way you are presented with information and offers from joycard and joycard partner companies also depends on the joycard data and the other data described in this Privacy Policy.

Notifications via push services

Our app also offers push services. Through these, we will actively inform you about certain topics in the form of messages sent to your device. If you do not want this functionality of the App, you can adjust this accordingly via your device settings.

In the case of the use of push services, the device token or registration ID assigned by the platform provider is exchanged for this purpose. The purpose of the use by us is the provision of the push services.

App permissions

In order to provide you with the functionalities of the app, the app must be able to access various functions and data of your mobile device.

For this purpose, it is technically mandatory that you grant the App the following access permissions for the following purposes. Otherwise, unfortunately, the app cannot be used for technical reasons.

Background: The permission settings in smartphone operating systems are often programmed in such a way that several partial permissions are included, which cannot be granted or queried individually. Therefore, in such cases joycard must request the entire authorization from customers, even if only a part of it is required and in such a case only the relevant part is used.

In the following, we inform you about the authorizations required by the joycard app, whereby we only use these in each case to the extent stated below, even if an authorization technically comprises more:

5a. Your location

This authorization is required to determine your current location for location-based services. Via this authorization, your smartphone can access your GPS data, WLAN identifiers and / or Bluetooth to determine your location, depending on which of these you have activated.

5b. Network communication (full internet access)

This authorization is required so that the app can connect to us via the Internet and communicate with us regarding the services you request (e.g. display usage overview, display digital joycard and display QR code, etc.).

Involvement of third parties / data transfer to third parties

We will NOT pass on your data, which accrues when using the app, to third parties.

Exceptions to this are disclosures that

are part of the joycard program (see the data protection provisions of the joycard program, which you can view here), joycard partner companies,
are permitted by you separately by declaration of consent,
are permitted due to a legal obligation or permission, or
in the context of the involvement of technical service providers supporting us (as described below).

For certain activities in connection with the joycard app, we commission external technical service providers with data processing (e.g. data centers or the service providers mentioned below for the collection of tracking information). These service providers process the data exclusively in accordance with our instructions, are thus also bound by this data protection declaration and are controlled by us. Under no circumstances may the service providers use the data collected and processed as part of the joycard app for their own purposes.

For tracking, we currently use the products Adobe Analytics from Adobe and adjust.io from Adeven GmbH. Insofar as data is transferred to an Adobe data center in this context, this is located either in a member state of the European Union, in another state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, or in the USA, whereby Adobe has contractually committed itself in this respect to maintaining high data protection standards in the USA as well.

Use of cookies

We use so-called cookie technology in our app. Cookies are small text files that are sent from our server to your smartphone when you use the app and are stored there for later retrieval. We use both so-called session cookies (also referred to as temporary cookies) and cookies that are stored for a longer period of time (also referred to as persistent cookies).

We use cookies to continue to identify your smartphone during your app use, but also to determine the end of your use and to be able to recognize your device when you use it again. Cookies may also be used for the purposes described above in the item "Tracking information".

You can delete the cookies by deleting the joycard app from your smartphone.

Data security

Insofar as the app communicates with joycard, this is done in encrypted form. The provider of joycard is domainfactory GmbH,Oskar-Messter-Str. 33, 85737 Ismaning. "The infrastructure server (mail server, HostedExchange, customer menu and DNS server) of Domainfactory is located in Germany. In Strasbourg, Domainfactory hosts in one of the most modern and environmentally friendly data centers in Europe, the datadock. Domainfactory fulfills its services here according to German data protection regulations. Since its opening in autumn 2010, datadock has already been awarded the highest rating of 5 stars twice in the independent Datacenter Star Audit." For more information about the datacenter from Domainfactory, click here.

Please note, however, that for data stored locally on your device, misuse by third parties cannot be ruled out, e.g. if your cell phone is stolen. We therefore recommend that you carefully secure your device accordingly, e.g. with a code lock.

In the event that you uninstall the app, all personal data in the joycard will be deleted. Of course, uninstalling the app will not affect your participation in jocard.